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Our expertise is based on extensive experience of biological catalysts or enzymes. Enzyme activity analysis is the foundation of the expertise we offer you.

It's why, we put at your service our expertise to develop new assays methods, eco- friendly, accessible and transferable to your industrials conditions.

Using enzymes devoted to the synthesis of products of interest is an alternative to more polluting conventional strategies, such as organic chemistry.

How to purchase more active enzymes, recognizing the desired substrate or producing a specific compound ?

By scanning through their sequence and studying their conformation, molecular modeling and protein engineering, D-ZYME offers to confer optimized properties to targetted enzymes .

at the interface of 3 areas


We develop new methods of enzymatic activities assays according to your industrial or experimental conditions for unrestricted use of equipment or specific knowledge.


D-Zyme perform the identification of new enzymes by screenning of biodiversity , and enzyme optimization by molecular engineering based on bioinformatic modeling, taking into account the industrial constraints and performance expectations.


We can redirect the enzymatic activity towards your aim by enzyme remodeling strategies using in silico model  design and bioinformatic techniques like docking and molecular dynamics. 


Our core competence is enzyme activity analysis and enzyme design or creation of "customised" enzyme. D-ZYME therefore   offers bio-responsible solutions to overcome biological and technological obstacles.

Using spectrophotometry, luminescence and fluorescence we conduct enzymatic activities analysis for a broad spectrum of enzymes and substrates.

Protein engineering techniques and medium throughput screening propose new possibilities in the development of new biocatalyst and synthesis of original eco-friendly products.

D-ZYME also offers a service upstream of the optimization activity. This service can be a search in databases (scientific monitoring) or a strategies proposed to improve the enzymatic activity.

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D-ZYME - Expertise cell of CAPACITÉS


CAPACITÉS is a private subsidiary of the University of Nantes, dedicated to the development of research. It is the permanent interface between innovation needs of socioeconomic players and laboratory resources. Specialized in engineering projects, CAPACITÉS supports businesses in their approach of innovation, from generating new ideas to their realization. The expertise cells consist of teams of engineers and internal technicians at CAPACITÉS. Established at the heart of our laboratories, they cover 9 economic sectors and dedicate themselves to scientific themes and specific markets. They guarantee the fulfilment of services made by CAPACITÉS.